13 Simple Habits to Improve Your Health

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Becoming more healthy doesn’t have to take all day! Doing something for your health is better than doing nothing.

Here are our best simple habits and actions that will improve your health without having to steal your whole day.

Think about the future

To lie in a comfortable place and look at stars is not only cozy – it can easily give perspective too. It is easy to become humble and get a distance from one’s life when one looks at such a large context as space. Just think that we may be part of it! Take time to philosophize and contemplate about life. How can you make the most of your time on earth? What is important to you? What do you want to do more of? Taking some time to think about important questions in life is something you should do every now and then. This is important, as otherwise, you just keep on running in life and don’t really have the time to ever stop and contemplate.

Drink more water

Avoid sweetened drinks and alcohol that only provide empty calories. Plain water, maybe with a few drops of lemon is a much better and fresher alternative – and is done in a few seconds. Always have a jug of fresh cold water in the refrigerator. You can taste the water with slices of lemon, orange, lime, cucumber or melon, strawberries, or a few sprigs of fresh mint. A few tablespoons of frozen blueberries plus a cinnamon bar in a carafe of water are also good and gives you vitamins.

Stress down-breathing

Breathing properly can counteract stress, make us more alert, strengthen the immune system, and, in addition, increase combustion when the body’s cells are oxygenated properly. Sit down. Close your eyes. Feel what it feels like to breathe. Follow the breath and feel for what it feels like to breathe in, and to breathe out. Breathe more slowly and pull down your breath as far down your stomach as you can. Let your stomach cushion as you breathe in and sink together as you exhale. Stop between breathing in and out. Notice how it feels in each step. After five minutes, you open your eyes and slowly return to what you were doing.

Vitamins and antioxidants

A super-fast salad full of vitamins, antioxidants, and nutrients can easily blend in no more than five minutes. Buy home cooked beetroot, chevre cheese, pre-mixed salad, cucumber, fresh herbs, walnuts, and red onion.

Heat the beets in the microwaves or eat them cold. Put the salad in a bowl, slice over some cucumber and red onion. On with the beets. Crumble over cheese and sprinkle with some herbs. Top with liquid honey and some pepper. Eat and enjoy.

Leave your phone

Many parents are worried that their children are spending too much time on their mobile, tablet, and computer. But may not reflect on how many hours they spend on checking e-mails, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, etc. Limit your screen time. Introduce a simple rule: You can check social media and other sites two or three times a day, but only for five minutes at a time. Set alarm! You get time for something else and your body feels so much better when you are not sitting in front of a screen for hours.


Certainly it is cozy to hug. And it’s good for health too. Physical touch such as hugs, caresses, massages, kisses, and sex, accelerate oxytocin, which is the body’s good-feeling hormone. Oxytocin makes you feel happier. It also helps to lower blood pressure. In addition, the body’s stress hormone cortisol decreases when you hug someone, you become calmer. According to research, a hug of 20 seconds is enough for the oxytocin level to increase in the body. But nothing prevents you from hugging for five minutes – or longer…

Take a swim

There are many studies that show that our brains feel good about being in and near water. No wonder. After all, we spent our first months surrounded by water in our mothers’ stomachs, so the feeling is safe and familiar. Being out in nature is also good for well-being. So take a swim in the nearest lake or sea. (Or pool if it’s cold outside of course.) If you want to maximize your swim training, you do some interval training.

Five minutes of fast swimming a few times a day makes you strong. Those who swim regularly also get better lung capacity – which can protect against cardiovascular disease. If you think the water is cold, you can still enjoy the fact that a cold swim (or shower) stimulates the immune system and gives you firm skin.

Boost your immune system

Boost your immune system with vitamins and antioxidants from berries and fruits. Drink a smoothie for breakfast or snack. Mix for example 1 frozen banana, 2 cups of raspberries, 1 orange, ½ lemon, 1 piece of ginger, 1 bunch of mint, possibly some water.

Exercise stretching

Follow your natural instincts and stretch the first thing you do when you wake up. Sit up. Stretch your arms forward, up, and then as far out as you can. Wiggle your toes, spread your fingers.

A calm, comfortable morning stretch gets your blood circulating and wakes your brain. You increase your mobility and reduce the risk of getting sore muscles. Roll yourself up like a meatball with your hands around your knees, gently rocking back and forth. Stretch out the spine. Finish off by giving yourself a big hug and bring a nice feeling with you for the rest of the day.

Go barefooot

Get back to your roots by freeing your feet! Always wearing shoes makes your feet both stiff and diminishes their chances of building muscle. Steady feet, on the other hand, provide better balance and support. So it may be a good idea to go barefoot as much as possible.

If you walk on uneven ground, you get natural foot training and in addition to both reflexology and foot massage. Enjoy feeling grass against the toes, sand against the soles of the feet. This is both nice and has a positive effect on your feet.

Do quick workouts

All workouts are good workouts. A short workout is better than none at all.

If you have a hard time getting to work out in everyday life, put in a five-minute workout here and there to start with. According to American research, five minutes of exercise a day can extend your life. Jump rope for five minutes. Run up a long hill. Swim as fast as you can or do abdominal exercises for five minutes. You can also go out and run. The good thing about running is that you can do it anywhere and at any time. The important thing is that you start. How you do is not as important as you do it!

Be grateful

It is difficult to feel happiness and harmony if you do not feel gratitude, say the researchers. And of course, it’s easy to focus on what we don’t have, instead of what we have, which just makes us unhappy. A good habit is to write a gratitude diary every night. Get a nice notebook and write down three things you feel grateful for, things that happened during the day.

Look over a horizon

Sitting and looking out over the horizon has several benefits. On the one hand, it is a good chance for the eyes to focus on something far away from time to time, and not just see screens or walls up close. On the one hand, the horizon is often beautiful to look at. And perhaps most of all, it is a great way to find peace. Find a vantage point and sit and look out over the horizon for five minutes and see what happens!

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