17 Fast and Simple Tips to Wellbeing Starting Today!

3 Tips to Better Handle Stress

We all strive for better wellbeing. We want to feel better and have the best wellbeing possible. In this article, we share simple tips that will help improve your wellbeing starting today.

  1. Respect yourself and listen to your body’s needs.
  2. Care for your relationships with your loved ones.
  3. Take time for yourself every day. Meditate, do nothing and let your thoughts, feelings and events sink.
  4. Recognize your feelings. Don’t push them away, see them, but don’t act them out.
  5. Avoid people and situations that steal your energy, but seek those that envelop your energy.
  6. Have fun. Do fun things. Cuddle and have fun.
  7. Exercise (or at least move a little) every day, at least 15 minutes. A walk is perfect
  8. Be spiritually present. Buy a beautiful flower, surround yourself with beautiful things. You can always influence your surroundings by promoting beauty and nurturing what you have.
  9. Grow and buy organic and select as much as possible without spraying products.
  10. Breathe. Take a deep breath, bow down. It makes a big difference to breathe superficially or to learn to breathe in depth.
  11. Sleep. Make sure you sleep well.
  12. Stop often and enjoy life.
  13. Breathe consciously. Inhale for 4-5 seconds, then exhale for 5-6 seconds. At the same time, think of something that is positive for you. Close your eyes and get in touch with your body.
  14. Pay attention to your thoughts. You are responsible for what you think. Your reality is based on your own experience of it, therefore you can control it.
  15. Enjoy, smile, and laugh. Then you release serotonin and endorphins, which strengthen your immune system and clear out toxins.
  16. Take care of your body. Eat healthily and exercise for at least 20 minutes each day, preferably outdoors. When you exercise, adrenaline is released, which increases your mobility and energy. After exercise, endorphin is released, which gives a feeling of satisfaction.
  17. Be grateful. The difficulties you have had in life also give you lessons for your growth.

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