3 Tips to Better Handle Stress

Exercise not only improves your learning ability, your IQ and reduces the risk of dementia, it also reduces anxiety and stress. In this article, we share some tips on how to become more stress-resistant and handle stress better.

Did you know that cortisol is a hormone that is secreted when stressed and that someone who has been stressed for a long time is extra sensitive to stress?
Shopping can be enough to end completely because the stress system is worn out. It can take many years for the body to repair any damage that
the stress caused.
But did you know that movement helps? And not just hard training – but all kind of movement.

It is essential for the brain to exercise regularly

Modern brain research shows that physical activity has almost unimaginable effects on our brain and mental functions.

  • We are made for a life on the savannah, so it is vital for brain health to exercise regularly. Exercise teaches the body not to react so strongly to everyday stress.

The most common reasons people seek help are anxiety and depression. Patients who are physically active recover faster and do not relapse as frequently in depression.
The secret seems to be the movement’s ability to regulate the stress hormone cortisol.

3 Tips for becoming more stress resistant


All movement counts, so do what suits you. But for maximum effect, you should raise your heart rate three times a week half an hour at a time.


Keep focus on fitness in front of strength training.

Take in

It is also good to work out really hard once a week, for example through intervals.

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