5 Reasons Why You Are Sugar Craving – and How You Take Control

Do you have PMS, are stressed or just slept lousy?
Sugar craving pokes for attention for a variety of reasons.
But there are tricks to take.

When we are tired, hungry, stressed or when we are going to have menstruation.
Sugar craving occurs for a variety of reasons.

Reduce sweet suction through mineral rich foods
According to nutrition experts, you can reduce the sugar craving by increasing the intake of mineral-rich foods such as nuts, seeds, green vegetables and legumes.

  • Minerals are consumed when sugar is converted, which results in low mineral values ​​after a long period of sugar intake. If you suspect a lack of chromium and zinc, minerals that are important for the cell to receive glucose and insulin in its receptors, then it’s good to supplement these as supplements..

Here are some common sugar cravings – and how to groom them in the gate.

Afternoon Cravings

The clock has hit 15 and you suddenly feel distracted, restless and craving something sweet. This is usually because you have eaten too little nutritious food at the beginning of the day, and your blood sugar is low.

Instead, do the following: Be sure to eat nutritionally, and especially at the beginning of the day by eating a proper breakfast and lunch. When the body does not get enough nutrition, we become hungry ahead in the afternoon and evening, and then it is easier to increase sugar intake.

Stress Cravings

A thousand things to do at work, while time never seems to be enough. What, then, is more enticing than a bun or a chocolate cake? Stress increases the sugar intake, as the body wants more rapid energy during stress and flight.

Instead, do this: When you feel stress, take it easy, breathe deeply, and try to relax – or take a glass of water – instead of eating automatically. Choose a moderate whole grain snack, a protein and mineral-rich raw food ball, nuts and seeds, or a saturating smoothie.

PMS Cravings

Inflated stomach, mood swings and a craving that refuses to disappear. The changes in our hormones, estrogen and progesterone, the days before menstruation, give us an increased craving for carbohydrates and sugars.

Instead, do this: The best thing is to balance the hormones once and for all, so your PMS problems disappear. A normal cycle should not contain PMS or other hormone-related disorders. If you have a sugary substance that is more for the sugar addiction, it is wise to balance the signal substances, then low signal substances may make it more difficult to change this type of eating behavior. When sucking it is wise to eat saturating and nutritious alternatives, or make a hearty smoothie, instead of eating sugary snacks.

Sleep Deprivation Cravings

Sleep deprivation makes it easy to fall for temptation and long for uselessness. Lack of sleep leads to a weakened immune system, poorer concentration but also to hunger and sugar craving as the body tries to gain more energy by increasing its intake of sugar.

Instead, do the following: Try to correct the lack of sleep and prioritize sleep. If possible, take a nap sometime during the day. If it is still difficult to get rid of the blood sugar dip, plan some snacks during the day such as a morning meal with a fist of nuts and berries and an afternoon meal with a raw food bar, smoothie or chia pudding. Remember to rest and be careful of recovery, so that the body has the opportunity to repair and balance. Do not eat too late in the evenings and go to bed on time as the sugars usually improve.

Hunger Cravings

You want to lose a few pounds and have cut the calories and eat a light salad for lunch and skip the snacks. But then the sugar craving also packs like never before. Eating too little in the morning is a common cause of being overweight, as most of the intake will then be in the evening, when we have lower energy needs.

Instead, do the following: Avoid dieting and reducing food, instead eat properly from foods that are saturated and nourished, so you don’t become as suction. Foods rich in fat and protein saturate more than foods rich in carbohydrates. Nutritional deficiencies can also lead to increased sweetness suction, as the body indicates that it wants more energy when there is no nutrition. Many people with suction have an imbalance in their neurotransmitters, especially serotonin, GABA and more, and self-medicate this with sugar and chocolate.

Eat a hearty breakfast and lunch, a high protein and fat dinner and avoid late dinners and late night eating. Also, be sure to drink well with water, as we often lose thirst for sweetness. Avoid sweet drinks and low-sugar alternatives with sweeteners.

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