Are You Always Tired? Top Tips to Getting More Energy

Everybody feels tired every now and then. After a bad night’s sleep, a few extra cups of coffee can suffice to last through the day. But what can long-term fatigue be due to? In this article, you will find valuable tips on how to get more energy both in the short term and long term.

Feeling tired sometimes is quite natural, but can be frustrating when you are at work or school and have a lot to do. There are many reasons why you are sometimes tired than usual, the most natural of course is that you slept poorly or too little.

However, if you are tired and powerless for a long time, it is likely that something else is the cause, such as being stressed, eating poor food, or not exercising enough. Fortunately, there are many tricks to be made to become more attractive, both directly and in the long term.

Importance of food

What we eat is crucial to how we feel and if you eat poorly it often leaves its mark, both internally and externally. If you eat a one-sided diet or nutrient-poor fast food, the risk is that you do not get enough of important vitamins, minerals, and fats, and even if you get enough calories, you may feel that you lack energy.

This is probably because the body’s cells do not get all the nutrition they need and therefore cannot perform at the top.

When you feel tired and lack of energy, it is common to turn to the sugar to remedy the problem.

Sugar is easy for the body to break down and therefore sweets, ice cream, and pastries can quickly provide an energy boost. However, this state of energy is short-lived as the sugar is also absorbed quickly in the body and relatively soon you, therefore, feel how the energy levels fall again. Filling up with energy in the form of more sugar is then a way out many people choose, but results in the same short-term energy boost. Seeing sugar as a cure for temporary fatigue is thus no further smart tactic. Instead, one should choose to eat carbohydrates that break down slowly in the body, thus providing a balanced and stable blood sugar curve.

This reduces the risk of suffering from periods of fatigue caused by low blood sugar. In other words, avoid cookies, ice cream, sweets and white flour, which all contain high-carbohydrates, and instead opt for whole-grain products, vegetables, and different kinds of cereals.

Even protein sources can play an important role in how energetic we feel. Many people recognize themselves in the so-called food coma, which often occurs after a meal with a lot of red meat, fatty sauces, and potatoes.

Being lowered by this type of food is not so surprising as it is difficult to digest and the body has to work hard to break down the food into its smallest constituents. When the digestion of food takes place in the stomach and intestines, the body’s full focus is on this and therefore less energy goes to the brain, which means that we feel tired and end up in the food coma.

Choosing meaty meals for lunch is therefore rarely a good idea if you want the energy to perform during the afternoon. Rather choose fish, both fat and lean, bird or vegetarian options, all of which are easier for the body to care for and break down. Also, make sure to eat very colorful vegetables and fruits to provide the body with important vitamins and minerals.

Some people feel that they feel nicer if they eat a snack in between meals. A fruit, a little quince, or cottage cheese with berries or a little chia pudding can be excellent snacks. If it goes a long time between meals, it is wise to eat something small to avoid being hit by sweet suction and falling into the sugar trap.

In addition to eating regularly, choosing light and nutritious foods, and avoiding fast carbohydrates without nutrition, there are also several nutrients that are especially important for us to feel energized. One such nutrient is omega-3. The omega-3 fatty acids are needed for the brain to function normally and also for the sake of vision.

Omega-3 is found in fatty fish, chia seeds, rapeseed oil, and flax seeds. In addition to omega-3s, vitamins B and D are also important in making us feel good. Vitamin D is formed in the skin with the help of sunlight, but during winter it is the diet that is our main source of the vitamin since the sun hours are few.

Fat fish and dairy products are good sources of vitamin D, but if you eat some of these foods a supplement may be in place. The B vitamins are important for our metabolism, hormone balance, and for the quality of hair, skin, and nails. The main sources of B vitamins are meat, eggs, and dark green leafy vegetables.

In addition to vitamins and fatty acids, we also need minerals to be stimulating. All minerals have important functions in the body, but when it comes to becoming more vibrant, it is mainly zinc, selenium, magnesium, and chromium that is important to get enough of. Magnesium is important for our muscles and is found in dark green leafy vegetables, almonds, and chickpeas.

Zinc has many important functions in the body and is needed for vision, among other things. Zinc is found in pumpkin seeds, meats, and oysters. Selenium is an element found in the soil and it is also a very powerful antioxidant. Selenium is abundant in bean nuts and also in whole grain products, eggs, and seafood.

There are also a lot of other substances that seem invigorating, where caffeine is perhaps the best-known example. Coffee is one of the most common drinks in the world and contains plenty of caffeine. In addition to coffee, guarana also contains caffeine, actually double the amount of what is in coffee. Guarana is a common ingredient in energy drinks, which can often contain high levels of caffeine.

Roseroot is another substance known to act as a stimulant. Roseroot belongs to the group of adaptogens, substances that the body does not get used to. In other words, you do not need to increase the dose to get the same effect over a long period of time, which means that it can be used for longer periods. Many who use roseroot feel that they feel more mentally sharp and less tired.

Ginseng is another medicinal herb that has long been used to cure fatigue. Ginseng contains ginsenosides, which are believed to be behind the effects of the ginseng cave. Ginseng is today one of the most popular supplements to use in fatigue.

One final tip is to drink enough water. The body needs a lot of water and it is important to continuously replenish fluid stores. Remember that coffee, soft drinks and other drinks do not replace the need for water. Have a bottle of water next to you on the desk and drink regularly. A little lemon in the water can make it taste better and you get a little extra spicy from it.

Your lifestyle affects your energy

How we live can also affect how well or tired we feel. Stress is a prime example of this and although short periods of stress can make us more alert and focused, long-term stress periods lead to fatigue and often other physical symptoms. Therefore, reviewing one’s lifestyle and reducing the number of activities and requirements is a first step to take if one is stressed.

Of course, constantly sleeping too little makes us tired. Therefore, it is important that you get the sleep you need every night. Turn off the TV and computer on time, turn the phone on silently and take the time to unwind in the evening.

Getting away from technical devices, social media, and email is often a good way to relax. Exercising, doing yoga exercises or meditating can also help you relax your workout and make it easier to relax. An adult needs between 6 and 8 hours of sleep each night and if you want to become more alert you should put your sleep high on the priority list.

Exercising also has other benefits than it can help the brain to relax. When we exercise, our muscles are activated and allowed to work, and often it is completely different muscles that are used in training than at work. In addition, endorphins are excreted in the body as we exercise and these are real feel-good subjects that make us happy. Maybe a shorter workout at lunch can make you a little more relaxed and make you feel more comfortable in the afternoon?

By moving and getting fresh air, we often feel that we are becoming more attractive. Skipping the coffee and instead taking a shorter walk at the coffee break or after lunch can, therefore, be an excellent idea. Sometimes it can even help to get up and work. Many offices today have height-adjustable desks and standing up now and then can help you to get to work.

Finally, it can be noted that there are many tricks to becoming more attractive and the first is, of course, to find out what it is that causes fatigue.

Knowing the cause, it is much easier to find a solution to the problem. During shorter periods of fatigue, a few cups of coffee and a little extra exercise may suffice, while for longer periods of fatigue it may be possible to review both lifestyle and diets. If you are experiencing extreme fatigue or feel that fatigue is not going away, you should, of course, consult a doctor to rule out any illness that is behind your fatigue.

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