Author: Touch Of Health Care

PCOS or PCOD? Most people don’t even know!

PCOS or PCOD? Most people don’t even know! ‘Is it PCOD or PCOS?’ Most people don’t even know about these two terms, so talking about the difference between them is altogether a different thing. In this article, you will be reading about PCOS and PCOD, their differences, symptoms, societal take on them, diagnosis, risks and treatments. Societal take will also give you an idea regarding the myths and taboos for the same. Syndrome (PCOS)/Disease (PCOD) causes the formation of follicle cysts in the ovaries. It also results in the excessive secretion of androgen (male steroid hormones), which causes several unusual changes in a female’s body.  Can you guess the age when adolescence had hit you? As a millennial, you would say somewhere between thirteen to nineteen, and if you are