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When it comes to living healthy, consistency is key. If you do not want to feel lethargic and overweight, you simply have to stop being lazy.

It’s about creating a consistent lifestyle where we choose to promote healthy eating and exercise in our everyday lives – rather than the other way around.

Becoming more healthy is something most people want to achieve. Here are our top tips for living a healthier life.

Everyday exercise

An hour at the gym does not mean an active lifestyle. However, getting to the gym is routine and can be recommended. To say that it is enough to call your lifestyle “active” is not true, at least not if it is for people who just sit still at their desk, sit in their car or lie on their couch for the rest of the day.
Consistency during the day will help you both get better shape – and keep it.

This is the golden rule for consistency. 10,000 steps equal approximately eight kilometers. Sounds a lot to some and maybe a little to others. Anyway: Here are some tricks to succeed:

  • Use the stairs (stairs are best – not least for buttocks!)
  • Go out with the dog (if you don’t have one, borrow one)
  • Have a lunch box and you’ll be able to walk during half of lunch

Eat clean, healthy food (think long term, not short term)

Okay, sometimes we need short-term goals because we like to compete with ourselves and to see – and feel – more drastic results. So things like a 10-day juice detox, a month completely without carbohydrates or sugar need not be wrong. But. What you really need is a consistently healthier diet that you can manage to last a lifetime.

Think clean and healthy. Think as free as possible, think organic, GMO-free, less sugar, less salt, less alcohol, and no starch after 6 pm.

Resist temptations

A healthy meal does not make you healthy and lean and an unhealthy meal does not make you fat either. It is – again – consistency that achieves this. When people account for their friends or their PT for how they eat, it usually sounds pretty healthy. At the same time, we complain that we are not losing weight. How is it related? The answer is simple: most people fool themselves into eating healthier than they do.

Remember: choosing a salad for lunch two days ago will not get you to your goal. What, on the other hand, will yield results – and in addition, increase your ability to resist temptation – is to consistently choose better alternatives. And don’t wait until Monday, or until after the holidays, or even after your friend Agneta’s 50th birthday party – start now!

Drink water consistently throughout the day

Your body needs water whether you exercise or not. In training, it is just extra important. If you do not get enough water in the body before the workout, you will not get as much of the workout.

Know: Blood provides oxygen to your muscles and brain. Blood consists of a large amount of water. If you do not have the liquid spoons filled, it is more difficult for you to get oxygen where needed.
The rule is simple: The more you sweat, the more water you should drink. And if you drink coffee or alcohol you should also increase your daily water intake.


When the workweek starts, your healthy ambition can sometimes fall short of inadequate planning. But there are simple tricks that the vegetables on the dinner plate should not be shipped.

With a pressure cooker you keep more nutrition in the food and in addition, the food can be quickly arranged. What would otherwise have felt like a time-consuming project becomes much easier to accomplish with this smart tool.

One tip is to cook vegetables for several days ahead, for example during the weekend when you have more time. Then you just need to take some of the ready-made vegetables, which are stored in the fridge, when it’s time to have dinner. This way you have the vegetables fixed to the stressful Tuesday night when you forgot to plan for the vegetables on the plate.

Drink plenty of water

Many of us have probably heard both once and twice that we should refill with water to keep the fluid level in balance. But it is easier to justify drinking a lot of water when you know why you should do it.

If you just get in the habit of drinking enough water each day, this simple action can actually contribute to weight loss. According to nutritional physiologist Fredrik Paulún, we should try to drink about 1.5-2 liters of water a day. A balanced level of fluid increases energy consumption, maximizing the body’s ability to burn fat.

It is better to drink cold water than to drink hot water, for example, with lemon or tea. When the body warms the cold water to body temperature, it consumes more calories. Fluid is also needed to keep other important functions of the body going, so a deficiency will cause this to not work optimally.

Invest in good kitchen utensils

Healthy habits that will last over time require some preparation. One thing to consider is how ready you are to cook good and healthy food. For example, do you have the right kitchen utensils at home?

Living a healthy life should not be complicated – and there is a lot you can do to help yourself. So you don’t have to stand in the kitchen without knowing what to replace your useless dishes with. Imagine a bunch of new healthy dishes and learn what you need to buy to cook them.

Another thing that makes it easier is to have smart equipment in the kitchen.  Here’s a lot to invest in, such as a pressure cooker that effectively preserves nutrition in the food, Teflon pan that doesn’t require as much fat, mixes to make nutritious smoothies and soups, and a vegetable spin to make alternative spaghetti of vegetables, such as zucchini and carrots. A smart lunch box with different compartments for healthy accessories, like salad, is also good to have.

Eat breakfast

Too many people have become accustomed to not having breakfast – which is so important.
By eating breakfast every day, you will actually wake up hungry. This is a good thing because it means your body expects food and thus has already started your metabolism.

Sweat every day!

Our body’s cooling system is fantastic. We get rid of heat by sweating. If you are a consistent exerciser, your body knows what is needed and will begin to cool you down immediately. If, on the other hand, your body is not used to work, you will become overheated, because of the body’s experience of your consequence so far, that is, it thinks it does not need to sweat because it never moves. This will change if you do something about it.

Remember: We get good at what we practice. If we practice lying on the sofa cover, that is what we are good at. Likewise with the running around, however brave it feels at first.

Reduce your fat intake

So what about the fat now, should we cut it down or eat it with a good conscience? In recent years, we have seen a trend of increasing fat intake and reducing fast carbohydrates. But that is not what a nutritionist recommends.

A major health trend that we have been able to follow since some time ago is to question the old approach where fat is somewhat unhealthy. Instead, the benefits have been highlighted, as it keeps us saturated longer.

However, it is wise to cut down on fat, especially that which comes from meat products. He believes that it is a fact that you cannot ignore because fat is the most energy-rich nutrient available. And the fat found in fatty meat products, such as sausages, minced beef, and bacon, is what increases the combustion least – and is stored most easily.

Reduce your sugar intake

There in the afternoon, when the energy dips, it is so easy to stop something sweet that quickly increases the energy level. But if you become aware of this above, you can help yourself to resist.

Teach your body to be healthy – by being consistent. When you make health a habit, your body learns this and then behaves. If you stay away from sweets for an extended period of time, your body will no longer crave them so much and when you eat them you will find that too much sugar tastes awful! Try a bit of 80 percent dark chocolate if you are craving something sweet after dinner.

When we look for something that can quickly put the blood sugar in balance, it is rarely particularly well thought out. We simply need to raise the energy level in order to continue performing until we get a proper refill at dinner a few hours later. But sugar is not a stable source of energy, a while later the blood sugar will dip again. Instead, plan so that you have useful snack options ready.

Anyone who is good at excluding sweets, cakes, ice cream, soft drinks and other sugared products makes huge health benefits, according. Because sugar does not saturate, and yet constitutes about 15 percent of the average energy intake in many countries, it can mean a substantial weight loss in the longer term to exclude it.


And so we have the spices. Perhaps not everyone thinks that it can affect both weight and overall well-being to do such a simple thing as seasoning the food. With the right spices then, of course.

What do you have in your cabinets really? It is a good idea to go through what you have at home and then replenish what is needed so that you can easily use the spices that benefit your health.

The right spices can increase combustion and therefore help those who want to lose weight to reach their goal. But what spices are there when to buy?

Spices such as chili, ginger, garlic, black pepper, horseradish, cinnamon, and rosemary increase energy consumption.


When life is filled with too many commitments, private or at work, it can be easy to start falling asleep. Sometimes it feels like it’s the only thing we can compromise on but think about it – sleep is not something you should take lightly.

At need, sleep to be in balance, both mentally and physically. Sure, you can manage any day here and there without having slept enough. But there is nothing to experiment with, in the long run. Soon you will notice how your body is hurting. This can be shown, for example, by moodiness, irritation, and mood swings. Physically, you may notice that, for example, skin and hair get degraded quality. There is also a risk of eating more, and often unhealthy when we are tired and want to quickly increase our energy levels.

Aim to sleep between seven and nine hours each night. Also, try to have as regular sleep times as possible, at least during weekdays. Another tip is to create good conditions for a good sleep, for example by unwinding well in advance before it is time to switch off the lamp.

Fill the freezer with healthy ingredients

Never put yourself in a situation where you are without berries and vegetables, even though you would have liked to have included them in your meal. Poor planning should not prevent you from eating healthy and nutritious.

You may have the opinion that frozen berries and vegetables are not as beneficial as fresh – and therefore do not think it is particularly meaningful to add these to your meals. But then here comes happy news. Vegetables and berries that have been frozen soon after harvest can even contain more nutrition than fresh ones that have been laying for a long time. So don’t hesitate to fill the freezer with these vitamin bombs!

With a freezer full of nutritious goodies, you never have to plan extra for what green accessories to make for dinner tonight. And when you get the urge to pimp your morning yogurt with vitamin-rich blueberries, it’s easier if you know it’s always in the freezer.

Plan for training

If it becomes too complicated to get to the training, purely practical, the risk that you will tune-up. Therefore, make it as easy as possible for you. Here, planning crucial.

For many, an ordinary weekday morning contains some stress, there is much to be done in a limited amount of time. Here it easily happens that important things get neglected, such as breakfast. With a little better planning you might have been able to prepare a healthy breakfast to get in quickly. But without planning, everything becomes much more stressful -, especially under stress.

Another example is the exercise bag. If you have it packed and ready, the chance of training after work increases. If, on the other hand, you mess around at home and realize that it is not packed, there is a risk that you will ignore it. Especially if you encounter obstacles, such as the workout clothes appear to be in the laundry and you have to root out alternative garments in the wardrobe.

Prepare this week’s food

During the stressful work week, planning healthy meals can be tricky. So why not spend a moment of the weekend doing just that? Furthermore, when you have time, it becomes a pleasant activity, instead of another stressful moment.

That said – make it easy for yourself to live a healthy life. One thing you can do is plan what to eat during the week. And buy home what you need to cook it. This reduces the risk of choosing useless alternatives in a lack of time and imagination.

Another tip is to prepare this week’s lunch boxes to bring to work. Then just take a lunch box before you leave in the morning. Another advantage of bringing your own food box is that you can customize the amount of food you want to eat, so that it becomes suitable for you.

When you are still in the process, you can also take advantage of useful snacks, such as nuts, fruit pieces and vegetables in small bags. Then you can easily dip one into the bag, too, and be ready when your blood sugar dips in the afternoon.

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