10 Effective Tips that Extend Your Life

Clearly, you want to live a long and healthy life and stay strong. As a young person, you feel immortal. But after 40, those ailments are creeping up, slowly but surely. One by one. Maybe it starts with your eye vision. Then it starts to pain in the knees. And suddenly you notice that you groan as you sit down. We all age. That is a fact.

How to extend your life

You can actually extend your life. No matter what genes you have. Choosing the right lifestyle can greatly affect how you feel, but also how long you live.

Many people believe that longevity and good health are largely about genes. But the fact is that the genes only decide to about 25%.

We can regulate the remaining 75 percent by choosing the right lifestyle. And it is not about having to exclude everything good here in life and start living on only rattlesnake and spring water. You do not have to change your life completely. Many times, small adjustments are enough.

Vitamin D

For older people, it may be good to prioritize vitamin D. The older you get, the less effective the body’s ability to absorb vitamin D from the stomach gets. This is why it is a good idea to eat extra supplements of vitamin D. To get an extra high dose of vitamin D, it is good to also make sure to get a splash of the sun as often as possible. Have a cup of coffee in the sunshine in the middle of the day, or even better, take a walk when the sun is at its highest point.

Physical activity

Physical activity is also essential for living a long and healthy life,

It is easy to become sedentary but for a healthy life, the muscles and fitness are crucial. If you can’t run, a long walk is enough. There are studies that show that a daily walk reduces the risk of stroke.

Lose fat

Being overweight is, as you know, an enemy to health, and through daily physical activity, you are not just building your muscles and working on your fitness. You also fight overweight, thereby reducing the risk of diabetes, knee and joint pain, and heart damage. Here it may be wise to point out that you should not eat yourself super full every meal. Instead, think that you should eat almost full.

Avoid the feeling of loneliness

Unfortunately, involuntary loneliness is a very big problem. Some people suffer from loneliness and do not dare to seek other people. The first step out of isolation is the most difficult. The way out of loneliness may be to actively seek out one of the pensioners’ activities, maybe start singing in chorus or get a pet.

The diet also plays a big role.

Eat healthily

By making wise choices already in the store when buying groceries, you are well on your way. Think colorful food, vegetables, and fruit.

Colorful fruits and vegetables, whether fresh or frozen, contain a lot of antioxidants that neutralize the free radicals in the body and reduce the risk of inflammation.

Coffee and fiber

Inflammation plays a big role when it comes to our health. A diet-related tip that reduces the risk of inflammation is drinking coffee. Preferably three-four cups a day. Furthermore, provide your stomach with fiber, perhaps in the form of oatmeal porridge, some flax seeds over the file, or a coarse sandwich.

The gut is more important than previously thought. This is because it is there that 80 percent of our immune system is.

Olive oil

Olive oil has been talked about for several years, and it acts as perfect rocket fuel for the body. So pouring a couple of tablespoons over the salad or vegetables is not only delicious. It is also healthy.

Quick tips to living longer and more healthy

  1. Eat fruits and vegetables in all different colors. Include olive oil every day in your diet.
  2. Be careful about tooth brushing and oral hygiene.
  3. Create healthy habits that help you maintain weight.
  4. Drink a few cups of coffee or tea a day.
  5. Excercise.
  6. Don’t be afraid of sunshine and take a vitamin D supplement. 10 micrograms a day if you are under 75, 20 micrograms a day if you are over 75 years.
  7. Make sure to get some peace and quiet from time to time.
  8. Sleep and naps are necessary for health.
  9. Social contacts with people who add energy to your life.
  10. Positive thoughts are invaluable.
  11. Stress is as harmful as smoking
  12. Do not underestimate recovery, relaxation, and rest. Because stress is at least as harmful as smoking.
  13. During sleep and rest, the body is repaired and our subconscious processes various events.
  14. Positive thinking. Surveys have shown that optimists are both healthier and live longer than pessimists. If you are born a pessimist, it is, of course, difficult to suddenly become an optimist. But maybe you can try to “fool” the brain by reading a book with a happy ending or listening to music you like.

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