How to Change Your Habits for a Healthy Lifestyle

HOW DO YOU CHANGE YOUR Habits for a Healthy Lifestyle?

Many people are too dramatic and think in paths like “I will never be able to eat this again” or “I have to take care before I start my new life”, which means you never get started.

There are many people who wish they weighed less, were stronger, ate differently, or lived more healthily at the same time they are not prepared to change anything in their current lifestyle. If you want to reach where you are not today then you have to change something in your situation and be open to new impressions and behaviors.

So how do you get started?

1. Ask yourself why you want to change to a healthier lifestyle? Say it out loud, stand for why you want to make this change, and be proud of it. Once you have your “why” it is much easier to find your own way there.

2. Set goals and goals to reach where you want. There may be small things in everyday life that you want to eat vegetarian one day a week or bigger long-term goals like running a marathon. Only you set the boundaries for where you want to reach.

3. When it comes to eating habits, my best tip is planning and eating regularly. Then we get to know our hunger feelings and can plan when it’s time to eat. Otherwise, there is a risk that we will become over-hungry and eat far too much food.

4. Learn to distinguish between hunger and cravings. Sucking often leads to us eating sugar or fast food, things we might not have thought we would eat.

Think positive. Replace all “must” with “want”. Don’t say “I need to start eating better” but “I want to start eating better”. You do it for your own sake, how proud of it. See it as something fun and an investment in yourself, not a must.

5. Do not put too high demands on yourself and do not be afraid to fail. Mistakes are part of the journey and something we learn from every day.

6. Write down your goals and your why so you can go back and look at it the days you doubt yourself. Write down your goals for yourself for the whole year. Then split it a month so you know what to focus on to finally get where you want.

7. Don’t start with everything at the same time. Do not change both your exercise routine and diet at the same time, focus on one thing first until you feel that you are comfortable with it and can take on the next challenge. Exercise and good eating habits go hand in hand, usually it is easier to combine them both when you have found a good routine for one or the other. Dare to ask for help and contact a diet advisor if you need help with a diet plan or a personal trainer to help you get started with the workout.

8. Focus on what you should do more of instead of setting bans. For example, if you think that you should not eat sugar, do not eat fast carbohydrates, or do not eat cheese then it will be the only thing you think about. A bit like the pink elephant in the room. Instead, focus on what to eat more of, e.g. vegetables, fruits, fish, nuts, seeds, oils, beans, lentils etc. The more you eat from what is good, the less space there is for what is less good.

9. Find your routines and what works for you. We are all individual and we feel good about different things, both when it comes to lifestyle, food, and exercise. Test yourself for what works with your lifestyle, your work, and your finances. Don’t let your choices be based on what others think and think, it’s never sustainable in the long run.

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