How to Get More Energy at Work – 10 Great Tips!

Everyone gets tired. At work, maybe more so. If you want to stay alert and energized during work, here are our top tips to getting more energy throughout the workday.

1. Get up and move

Every now and then, you should get up and move. It is not healthy to sit still for long periods of time. Either perform some exercises such as X-jumps or squats. Or, simply take a stroll.

2. Set the timer

Make your work time more efficient by taking proper breaks. Limit your phone / social media time and limit your working time. For some, it is difficult to shut down all tabs and what you are doing. But taking a short break to refresh will give you more energy and make you more alert. A tip is to avoid looking at your phone during this short break as it will prevent you from relaxing fully.

3. Set clear goals for the day

What will you do today? What are your goals for the month? For the week? What can you do today to reach your monthly goal? What can you think of that will get you a little closer? Set clear goals so you know what you need to do and so you can stay more focused on the important parts and avoid distractions that drain energy.

4. Avoid whining and complaining

Try to take one day a week where you absolutely must not whine or complain. Instead, try to think of something positive with the hard work. Try to get what you like by being kind and more positive. Being positive instead of negative will do a lot for your energy in the long run as it saves you from wasting energy and getting angry at every single thing that crosses your path.

5. Take a quick walk

Five minutes is enough! Take it at ten, at lunch and at 15 when the next coffee break is. Five minutes to get some oxygen to the body, some energy from the sun and a little break from all the impressions.

6. Eat healthy snacks

Eat snacks that provide energy for a longer period of time. Avoid sweet things, white bread, and other stuff there. Apple and nuts are good stuff. Try to eat fruit.

7. Take breaks and contemplate

Nothing gives as much energy as a little self-motivation. Have you written a good email? Have you met a customer and done a good job then? Applause yourself and take some time to think about what good you have done today.

8. Eat an energy-rich lunch

How long are you going to work? What do you need energy for? How energy-rich is your food? What is stopping you? Do you get hungry within an hour? Will you be able to exercise after work? Eat healthy and energy-rich food and you will have more energy that lasts the whole day.

9. Give others energy

Who around you needs an extra boost today? Who needs a little extra spice and love? When you boost others, it will come back. It also feels good when doing it.

10. Do the hardest things first

Start the day by posting or reading that awkward email. Or grab the counter, unpack the heaviest items, or whatever may be a pain in your workplace. When you have done these things, the day can only get better.

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