How to Get Started with Exercising

Getting started with exercising is difficult. Continuing to exercise is even more difficult. In this post, we help you make training a part of everyday life – here are our get-started tips!

There are no pills in the world that can compare with exercise! Physical activity prevents diseases such as cardiovascular disease, type 2 diabetes, and cancer, but also mental disorders such as depression and dementia. Exercise makes you feel better, you live longer. Still, the step between thought and action is often staggering.

Here are their tips for those who want to get started with exercising!

Try to plan

One super important thing, which is often easier said than done, is to plan the training. It is especially important if you have children or many needs in your life. Enter in the calendar what to do and when. And pack the gym bag the day before. Planning also means prioritizing. What is more important than your physical and mental health?

Motivate yourself to exercise

Treat yourself to something good or nice after the workout. It can be a sauna. A piece of chocolate and a coffee. Or a nice evening in front of the TV. When the lactic acid burns in your thighs – think about your carrot!

Find an exercise partner

With a friend, training is definitely more fun. It also usually feels easier, with the focus shifting from what you think is difficult in your training to the fun you do together. A training buddy also increases training morale. Because you do not want to disappoint your friend by not showing up.

Do not set too high goals

Before the start of training, you often want a lot and have high ambitions. An important tip is to slow down your level of ambition and feel that you are achieving your set goals. It’s better to have lower goals and continue exercising than to have too high goals and stop exercising.

Find a form of exercising you enjoy

Do you like yoga, spinning, or running? Maybe fencing, basketball, or synchronized swimming? Try it until you find your thing! If you think it is fun to work out, then you will also find the motivation and a bridge over the argument “I do not have time”.

Wear stylish workout clothes

See the planned workouts as the foundation of your workout. But maybe you want to try to get another pass a week? Tip! Wear workout clothes when you wake up on the weekend. Then you are fit-for-fight if there is a gap during the day.

A couple of new shoes, nice tights, a nice sweater – increase your motivation by buying new workout clothes. It may sound superficial and irrelevant, but the trick works for most.

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