Top Diet Tips for a Healthier Life

Stress can affect our bodies more than we think. High stress levels over long periods increase the risk of elevated blood sugar levels, higher heart rate, and poorer digestion. We want to eat more sweets and greater reward thinking.

In this article, we share our best diet tips for a healthier life.

Plan your meals

It may sound tiring, but by planning on Sundays, for example, the next week’s meals, your chances of eating well and healthy are much greater. Write down what to eat at breakfast, lunch, dinner, and your 2-3 snacks the next seven days of the week.

Prepare as much as you can

Boil the week’s eggs on Sunday night and put in the fridge at work – so you have good energy and nutrition available throughout the working week. Peel carrots and place in a bag or a food box with water and the vegetables are pickled. Make a mince sauce or lentil stew and you’ll have lunch for several of the week’s days.

Frozen vegetables

Should not be underestimated. By having them in the freezer you can throw them in the food box and flip the level of the content is suddenly better.

Change your habits now

Don’t procrastinate a healthier life. Start now! Resist temptation – eat your planned snack before deciding to sip a gingerbread on the coffee table. Allow yourself rewards but decide how much and when. When is the most important thing to you? An afternoon when blood sugar is low at work or at Lucia celebration?

Drink water

Too little liquid makes you tired. When we are tired, there is a great risk that we will try to turn to sugar.

Do one thing at a time

Do not eat in front of the computer, television or portrait. Sit down, focus on the food, put down the cutlery. This way you usually eat more slowly and feel a clearer feeling of a feeling of saturation.


Exercising is extremely important for living a healthy life. Make exercising a central part of your lifestyle and try to exercise several times a week.

If it doesn’t turn out the way you intended, don’t be too hard on yourself. If you are in the process of changing your lifestyle, there will be setbacks and sometimes we drive in the ditch. Take new steps and aim to reduce these opportunities.

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