7 Great Ways to get More Energy

Do you want to live a life with more energy? Do you want to boost your energy so that you can do more things and feel good when doing them? Here are our 7 best tips for getting more energy.

Try these simple changes to your routines and get more energy each day.

1. Eat good snacks

Dried fruit, nuts, or some berries for snacks help keep blood sugar level even. You can also try eating a few squares of dark chocolate or some licorice to get you more iron.

2. Avoid coffee, tea, and soft drinks after lunch

Caffeine can remain in one’s system for over half a day, so do not drink anything with caffeine near bedtime. Try drinking some mint tea with some honey in the evening instead. You can also cut a vanilla bar into pieces, pour on warm milk, and drink with some cinnamon on top.

3. Maximize sleep

You need at least seven to eight hours of sleep to perform at your best every day. Have good routines at bedtime to unwind, and pull down on alcohol intake because alcohol can interfere with even the dream phases – the periods of the sleep cycle as the brain reloads.

4. Move more

Exercise not only gives you more energy but also contributes to a more restful sleep at night. Start the day with a little morning gym – stretch a bit, do a few breathing exercises and then start the day with a brisk walk around the block or work out at home by running up and down the stairs a couple of times. This way you get more energy, while everyone else is still snoozing.

5. Eat foods with a lot of iron

Dark green leafy vegetables, nuts, and seeds, meats, fish and tofu are all rich in iron which counteracts fatigue. Maximize iron intake by eating iron-rich foods along with vitamin C (take a glass of juice for example), and avoid drinking coffee or tea during the same meal.

6. Maintain fluid levels

Water helps to transport important nutrients around the body so that it can heal itself and function properly.

7. Eat the right food at the right time

Protein helps lower the amount of serotonin (which makes you tired) your body produces, so eat a protein-rich lunch and avoid high-carbohydrate foods until the evening.

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