Top Effective Ways to Stay Healthy

It doesn’t really take much to make you feel better and to be a little healthier. All you need is to get yourself some good habits, such as getting up sometimes or reading more books.

How healthy do you think you are? Do you think your home is a healthy place? Could it be better? Today we will talk about some things you should stay away from to become more healthy.

You will notice that some of them do not seem particularly harmful. These are also things that we often consider to be “necessary” in everyday life. The problem is that some of them can cause health problems.

Drink water during every meal

Drink at least one glass of water for each meal. Researchers have found that swelling is a common cause of fatigue and depression in women. By drinking water during the day you are in a good mood, you can concentrate and also keep the headaches away.

Mix vegetables into a smoothie

Making a smoothie is a great and great way to get your daily dose of vitamins and minerals. Furthermore, when you make a smoothie instead of making juice, you keep all the fiber contained in the fruits and vegetables. Add protein and calcium from Greek yogurt. Also, put in some nut butter to get in an extra lot of minerals in your smoothie.

Eat protein for breakfast

By replacing the carbohydrates with protein in your breakfast, you stay saturated longer. Studies have shown that women who ate protein for breakfast had better control of their hunger and a little less. So replace your oatmeal porridge with an omelet or try whisking an egg into the porridge.

Get up and walk/exercise

A study from the University of Chester showed that participants who got up for about 3 hours a day increased their heart rate on average by ten beats per minute. The increased heart rate caused them to burn 0.7 calories more per minute.

Reduce screen time

Studies have shown that our sleep is affected by screens. Especially if you are watching your mobile or running a Netflix marathon before bedtime. The blue light from our screens trick the brain into thinking it’s daytime. You, therefore, do not feel tired and your sleep quality deteriorates.

Sleep twenty minutes longer

We all know that we should sleep between seven to nine hours a day to feel good. Studies have found that women need about twenty minutes of longer sleep than men. So sleep twenty minutes longer each day and feel a little better.

Artificial sweeteners

Artificial sweeteners cause the body to store fat. Taking it increases your risk of suffering from diabetes, and it can even change your blood sugar levels when you already have the disease. Food and beverages that contain artificial sweeteners are just as bad for health, e.g. Light soda.

In addition to influencing your insulin response and gaining weight, they contribute to:

  • Heart attacks
  • Stroke
  • Alzheimer’s

One of the reasons why artificial sweeteners contribute to these problems is because they change your gut flora. They also affect how your metabolism works. These sweeteners can also cause glucose intolerance, making your treatment of diabetes more difficult.

Become more healthy: avoid plastic food containers
Also, try to avoid plastic containers and plastic bottles, which include the ones you use to store your food. This will reduce the number of chemicals in your endocrine system, including bisphenol A and phthalates.

Your endocrine system regulates:

  • Your mood
  • Your growth and development process
  • How your tissue works
  • Your sexual and reproductive systems

But when you consume foods that have been stored in plastic containers for an extended period of time, you run the risk of:

  • Reproductive health problems
  • hypertension
  • Different types of cancer

The problem is that plastic containers, after constant washing, release substances that you can get in without you noticing. The best thing is to use glass containers. You can also get some that are free of phthalates.

Do you use frying pans with a coating (so-called non-stick) made to prevent food from sticking? It is better to replace them with pots and pans made of ceramic or glass. The problem is that the material used to make sure the food doesn’t stick contains perfluorooctanoic acid – a chemical that can cause cancer.

The component that prevents food from getting stuck is fluoride found in this acid. The problem is that when you heat up the boiler, this fluoride evaporates, and when it happens it is impossible to detect the toxic fluoride gas. You inhale it without noticing it.

Air freshener

Air fresheners contain dichlorophenol. It is a chemical that can lead to premature puberty and other health problems, including cancer. Other common chemicals in these devices are phthalates. As I said, these affect your endocrine system.

If you have problems with unpleasant odors in the house, try to turn to alternatives, such as:

  • Open your doors and windows daily to allow the house to be ventilated
  • Use essential oils of good quality
  • Have fresh flowers at home
  • Burn some incense every day

We know that many of us use air fresheners but think about your health before using them.


Herbs and spices contain a lot of antioxidants, minerals, and vitamins. These help to maximize the number of nutrients in your food. But to really benefit from these benefits, you need to make sure you use fresh spices.

There is a problem with the packaged spices you find in the trade; they have gone through a long preservation process. This usually means that chemicals have been used so that they do not lose their taste and texture. Our recommendation is that you buy natural spices in the market, or you can grow them at home in your garden.

This way you always have fresh spices on hand.

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