What is Health and What Does it Mean?

What is health for you?

The question in the headline is one that you should occasionally stop and ask yourself. In short – what is health for you? is the initial question and the consequential question often becomes natural: do I have good health and if not – what can I do to achieve good health? Here we choose to divide health into three areas and as follows:

  • The physical bit
  • The mental bit
  • What you eat

Three points that we consider to be the keys to a whole that constitute what we call good health. Exercise, mental well-being, and food; three important ingredients that today also receive more medial space than was previously the case. If you look at the newspaper,  you will see lots of articles that guide you right in the jungle of exercise, healthy eating, and how to find happiness inboard.

Nevertheless, many people are feeling worse today than before. We can explain this by having a more stressed time today. Although we have more tools than we previously had. Internet, computers, and mobiles – everything would benefit us and make it easier for us in our everyday lives. The truth is that they did in fact – but that there was also a stress on the purchase.

Imagine how you act just before bedtime and right when you wake up. The usual thing here is that we have a last look at the social media, has someone posted a picture on Instagram, has a friend posted something on Facebook or maybe a celebrity on Twitter commented on the contemporary?

This combined with the fact that we take the job home with us and that we never really treat ourselves to relaxation creates a worse feeling in general and what we intend to try here is to show keys that, simply, can make us feel better, get better habits and a healthier lifestyle.

Everything starts from within and from each individual and there is no one else who can make your life better. First, one must honestly and sincerely identify any problems in one’s life, and then one must address them.

There, we think, is the key to health. Are you exercising too little? 1) acknowledge it for yourself and 2) find a form of exercise that suits you. Do you eat too much, too little, too useless and we change this? make a try! Do you feel bad about the stress of your job or your everyday life? That does not change by itself.

In short: you want to change your life and get a healthier one. Start today, start from your conditions, make an active choice, and remember – have fun along the way! What is health for you?

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