What is Health?

What is health? More importantly, what health is for you?

There are probably as many answers as people. There is simply no right answer and it can probably be one of the most difficult questions to give a clear answer to. The answer is that health means different things for different people.

Being healthy may mean being able to cope with all the hardship and stress as well as the joy that everyday life brings. Furthermore, the importance of balance for good health is also an important aspect, as well as the balance between exercise – diet – mentally. There is a lot to do. All the pieces are needed. They complement each other.

Health may be defined as the quest for balance and a sense of feeling good in the soul. Which makes you strong when parts of life may fail.

So what is health for you?

Health is being able to live life the way you want to. Fatigue, poor energy, illness, aches, obesity, and other things should not reduce your quality of life. It is important to have the energy to live my life to the full. It is my biggest nightmare to wake up as an 80-year-old at home and feel that life has passed me by.

Train to invest in a strong body that will last for a long time.

Find the balance between training-diet-mentally. The mental health you feel that you get by being able to live the life you want because you have found the diet and exercise that suits me.

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